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Things may look a little different around here, but it's still us! 

Our expert team have joined forces with Futurisk to continue to bring you the best insurance and mortgage solutions.


We have merged with Futurisk 

We have made the strategic decision to merge with Futurisk. Futurisk are a well established insurance broker based in Manawatu who have been working in the industry alongside us for over 30 years. By merging we will have access to more insurance providers and products, as well as a larger pool of knowledge from our combined teams. This is a really exciting step forward which will help us to future-proof your continuous service and grow our offering. 

If you are an existing Inpro customer we can ensure that nothing will change to the way your existing insurance is looked after, it will be the same Inpro team behind the scenes. If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch and we would be glad to help. 

You can now find us on the Futurisk Website

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