The greatest financial risk to you and your family is death, a sudden serious illness or long term disability which may affect your ability to work. All of these events are life changing - how would your family cope?

I did not have to concern myself with filling in copious forms or spending time on the phone with the insurance company.

Due to having medical cover I had several options. I was able to plan my surgery date to suit my family, select one of the best surgeons in the country and book into a private hospital. All too easy!

Health Insurance
What is Health Insurance?

Private Health Cover
Our standard health insurance plan takes care of the costs of private hospital care and surgery, cancer care and supporting diagnostic imaging and tests.


Private Health Plus
Private Health Plus adds additional access to specialist consultations and cover for diagnostic imaging and testing, as well as loyalty benefits for routine screening to keep you healthy.

Why do I need Health Insurance?

Without good health, it’s hard to enjoy the good things in life. But while we insure our homes and cars, many of us still leave our health to chance. Don’t take that chance!

Imagine if you or someone in your family got really sick or needed an operation. Wouldn’t you want to get onto it right away with the best people looking after you? That’s what health insurance will do for you!



For most of you, your mortgage is likely to be your biggest financial commitment, so it is vital to ensure that the repayments will always be covered.

Income Protection
What is Income Protection?

Income Protection cover pays you a monthly sum should you be unable to work because of illness or injury. You can decide how much cover you need and we even have options that cover rehabilitation and occupational re-training.

Why do I need Income Protection?

We all think we’re a bit bullet-proof. But “never happens” sometimes does happen. It could be something as simple as a sporting injury that keeps you off work. Or a very nasty bug you pick up while on holiday.

If you’re the main income-earner, this can have big consequences. How do you pay the rent, your car payments and other bills? Or support your family by paying the mortgage, school fees etc?


There are different ways you can structure your cover which will make a massive difference to you at claim time.  We always recommend a 'Stand Alone' benefit when available.


When a claim is paid under a Stand Alone benefit, the pay-out does not affect any other benefits that you have i.e. if you have $500,000 Life Insurance and $200,000 Trauma, and you make a claim, you receive a pay-out of $200,000 and your Life Insurance benefit will remain at $500,000.

With an Accelerated benefit, your Trauma benefit is linked to your Life Insurance benefit.  If you make a claim under your Trauma cover, your Life Insurance benefit will reduce by the amount that is paid out i.e. if you have $500,000 Life Insurance and $200,000 Trauma cover, and make a claim, you will receive a pay-out of $200,000 and your Life Insurance benefit will reduce to $300,000.

What is Trauma cover?

Trauma cover can help give you peace of mind. Should you suffer a specified serious illness or injury, or undergo a serious medical procedure outlined in your policy, it provides you with a lump sum payment to use any way you like.

From paying your medical care to covering your mortgage or household bills, you can choose how best to use the money.

Why do I need Trauma Insurance?

It will ensure you can stay on track financially if you unexpectedly get ill or injured or undergo a medical procedure or you want the freedom to use that financial support to cover the costs of what’s really important to you and your family.



Financially, this is the worst thing that could happen to you and your family.

Total & Permanent Disablement​
What is Total Permanent Disablement​?

Sovereign Total Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover provides a lump sum in the event of total permanent disablement caused by accident or illness, and you can choose how to spend it. It might be paying off the mortgage, getting the best medical care, improving access to your home and workplace, or ensuring your business survives. With TPD protection, you can choose to be covered for any occupation or just your usual occupation.

Why do I need Total & Permanent Disablement​?

It's easy to take good health for granted. However, the reality is, sometimes we become ill or have an accident and, if it’s serious, we may never be able to work again. How would your family or your business cope if you were permanently disabled? Do you have a plan to provide for them? What would happen to your future plans, and theirs?


Because Scott died in Bali the costs of getting him home were significant…

…What I hadn't realised at the time was just how thorough Inpro Group had been. As Dean and I started walking through the policy before we submitted the claim, it was explained to me that he had taken the extra precaution of getting all stand down periods waived under our new cover when we changed policies. This meant I was still covered under the policy which I hadn't initially thought I would be.... 

…A claim that in most circumstances with most insurance companies would have been difficult was processed quickly, with compassion and everything was taken care of to allow me to focus on my family.

Life Insurance
What is Life Insurance?

Comprehensive Life Cover is fully underwritten, meaning your policy is tailored for your lifestyle, taking into account your health and occupation so you know exactly what is covered. You can apply between the ages of 16-70 for up to $1 - 2 million (varies) to help protect against the unexpected.

Why do I need Life Insurance?

It's important to take charge and make the most of life, but we understand that things may not always go to plan. If something happened to you, your loss could affect those you love both emotionally and financially.

Knowing you have cover that can help your loved ones to survive financially should the worst happen, makes all the difference at a time when support can be at its most needed.

It's peace of mind that your family can pay the monthly bills or mortgage repayments without your salary. Or that your business can survive without your expertise.



For most of you, your mortgage  is likely to be your biggest financial commitment, so it is vital to ensure the repayments will always be covered.

Mortgage Protection
What is Mortgage Protection?

Mortgage and Income Protection insurance can help cover your monthly mortgage instalments or other expenses if your earning capacity is seriously affected by illness, disability or redundancy.

Why do I need Mortgage Protection?

Buying a home is a big responsibility. This commitment affects not only you, but also your family. The last thing you'll want to see is your home slip out of your hands, if for some reason you can’t meet your repayments. 

What would happen if you were unable to work for a period of time or worse still, were no longer around? Would you have the resources to keep paying off your home loan and safeguard your family’s future?

If you have a mortgage, it’s a good idea to protect yourself against all eventualities.

As a result of a major change in the shareholding of my business I needed someone to review the terms and quantum of the insurance I held. Rex Duckett of Inpro Group was recommended to me by a client who had liked his approach and standard of service.My business partner and I met with Rex at our premises to discuss our insurance needs. Rex reviewed our existing policies and quizzed us on potential insurance risks we had in our business. To clarify our understanding of these potential risks Rex used a number of business tools which helped our understanding of the risks...

Shareholder Protection
What is Shareholder Protection?

Shareholders are crucial when it comes to your business ownership. If the worst should happen and either you or your fellow shareholders were unable to work due to illness or injury, major trauma, permanent disability or death, your business ownership could be severely impacted. Putting in place protection for shareholders, combined with a robust succession agreement, may help your business avoid or minimise the impact.

Why do I need Shareholder Protection?

If you or one of your fellow shareholders suffered a specified major trauma, permanent disablement or death, what would happen to your business ownership? Putting in place protection for your shareholders can provide financial support to help protect against:

  • the remaining owners having to borrow to raise funds to buy out the interest of the co-owner who has left the business;

  • the remaining owners being forced into business with the spouse or dependants of the co-owner if they die; and

  • the forced sale of the business to raise enough money to pay out a deceased owner’s estate.


Even if you could find a replacement person to step into your role, how long would it take to train them? What if it was your top sales person, or your 'right-hand' man... how would your business cope?

Key Person Cover
What is Key Person Cover?

A key person is someone in the business responsible for generating business income. It may also apply to an individual whose loss has a significant operational impact as opposed to business income, e.g. CEO or Financial Controller.

Key Person and Rural Key Person Cover will pay a business an agreed monthly benefit for a set period if a key person is disabled because of a continuing sickness or injury.

Why do I need Key Person Cover?

In small to medium sized businesses or partnerships, one or two people may be key revenue generators and the survival of that business may be at stake if they are unable to work and hence generate revenue. Key Person Cover gives the business time to recover and/or put in place appropriate measures to keep it running.

Many people mistakenly assume that ACC will take care of them (or their staff) if they can't go to work. ACC only provides cover for injuries that are the result of an accident.  Unlike ACC, Business Continuity covers non-accidental reasons for being off work such as stress (the biggest cause of people needing time off).

Business Continuity
What is Business Continuity?

Business Continuity can provide a monthly benefit payment to help keep your business running should you or any key employees become disabled as a result of an accident or ill health, and be unable to work more than ten hours a week.  It’s designed to meet the needs of business owners who have been trading for more than three years  (as well as key employees).

Why do I need Business Continuity?

Most businesses protect their physical assets such as plant, equipment, stock or buildings. However, it’s their human assets that provide the initiative, drive and expertise to make the business successful and profitable. In many small to medium-sized businesses there is a reliance on these key people.