PitRat Racing


The team of PitRat Racing starting drag racing in 1999 with PitRat 1, the Vauxhall Viva which was street legal and had a 402 Big Block Chev engine to run it.  We competed in both street drags as well as at all the track drags doing 11 second passes.  We won a NZ national title for Pro Street.


We then replaced the 402 engine with a brand new crate engine from the States, a 540 Reher Morrison engine.  This made the Viva rock n roll down the track doing 9 second passes.  Unfortunately the wee Viva was a little overpowered with that much horsepower in it which resulted in an incident on the track and the demise of PitRat 1.


PitRat1 was then replaced with PitRat II, a 1988 Chev Corvette in which the 540 ci engine was transplanted.  This combination took us to Super Sedan in which we won two 2NZ national championship titles.  The 540 ci engine was then replaced with a big block 632 ci engine and the team stepped up to Top Street also winning two 2NZ national championship titles.


We have now replaced the Corvette with a 2012 Pontiac GXP in which is currently receiving the 632 ci engine and we hope to be out racing this new combo in March 2017.


The dedicated PitRat Racing team consists of Rex Duckett as driver, his wife Monique Duckett, his son Antony Duckett (Crew Chief) and friends, Max Bevan and Hayden Cheer.

Rex Duckett's new Pontiac GPX up against Gavin Green's Holden at the 49th NZDRA Nationals on 19 March, 2017 at the Masterton Motorplex, New Zealand

Thank you to David Kelly from Sandpit Productions LTD for the use of the video.